Camp McCumber, Viola, Shasta County

Camp McCumber is located 10 miles west of Lassen Volcanic National Park on State Highway 44 at 4,000 foot elevation in the middle of the Sierra Nevada Mixed Conifer forest type.  The Camp is nestled among large ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir trees, along with California Black Oak, incense cedar, and white fir.  The geology is volcanic mudflow from the Lassen Range.  The Camp is surrounded by private family forest parcels and industrial forest land managed for wood products.

Mid-July weather at Camp McCumber can be hot during the day (38 deg C or 100 deg F) but cool at night (12 deg C or 55 deg F).  The annual precipitation is about 40 inches, part of which falls as snow.  

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The Camp has 14 cabins each of which will accommodate 4 people, a dining hall and kitchen, hot showers, basketball and volleyball courts, and large grassy ball field.

Lake McCumber is formed behind a dam on the North Fork of Battle Creek, and provides habitat for waterfowl and recreation opportunities for FIT participants.

On Thursday afternoon FIT participants will have time for themselves to visit Lassen Park, Lassen National Forest, Turtle Bay Museum and the Sundial Bridge in Redding, Shasta Dam and Lake, Mt Shasta, or perhaps you can cajole Nancy into taking you to the hot springs or go with John to the 1992 Fountain Fire (which was salvage logged and replanted). 


The FIT Class of 2007 was first session held at Camp McCumber. From 1996 to 2006, the Shasta County FIT session was held at Camp Latieze. 

“First off, I heartily appreciate that FIT exists. The extensive background information presented, in addition to the teaching tools that were shared. made for a comprehensively visual experience. I am inspired by the staff, fellow participants, and the forest, to teach and continue learning about forestry.”