Humboldt State University, Arcata, Humboldt County

The Humboldt FIT is taught at Humboldt State University, which is surrounded by the actively managed Arcata Community Forest. The instructions are both in the classroom and in the forests. Frequent field trips are taken throughout the area to view non-industrial and industrial forestry operations as well as old-growth redwood in the State Parks, and a local lumber mill.

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“I have never enjoyed a professional development like I did FIT. It was an amazing experience that nurtured me professionally and personally! Thank you!”


Each FIT is designed to give a well-rounded understanding of forestry, yet accommodate local issues of concern. In the redwood region, we are focused on endangered species and water quality issues. In designing the Redwood FIT, we provide opportunities for teachers to learn about the biology and management of salmon and spotted owls. This includes an afternoon with wildlife biologists from Green Diamond Resources Company, examining their approach and what they have learned about these intriguing creatures. If all goes according to plan, there is a chance to see a very friendly spotted owl, to snorkel in Little River with salmon fry and to utilize a variety of field sampling instruments- much of which can be applied directly in the classroom. The success of FIT is largely due to the numerous resource professionals that volunteer their time to help with the weeklong program.

PROGRAM Director

Yana Valachovic, Forest Advisor, University of California Cooperative Extension

Humboldt and Del Norte Counties

5630 S. Broadway, Eureka, CA 95503

Telephone: 707-445-7351


"Loved seeing “forestry in action” (thinning, sawmill, managed plots). Also really enjoyed the facilitator led activities from PLT and WILD. I will hopefully use a lot of those. Also liked the networking and location".