There are 3 Steps to the Application Process:

  • Step 1-   Select the number of "tickets" for your preferred session.   Select the number of "tickets".   You should select 1.   Even if you plan to attend FIT with a partner or as a team select 1 because it is easier to complete the application infomation separately.
  • Step 2-   Select payment option (credit card or check).  Choose the "Order Now" button to pay with credit card. Choose "Show other payment options" to pay with a check that you mail to FIT.
  • Step 3-   Complete application information about you.You will be prompted for 3 sort answer responses. It is recommended that you compose your answers to these before begining the application using a word processor. Once you have composed your response then you can cut and paste it to the application.  

 Apply Now 

The questions are:
  • a.  What is your current professional assignment?
  • b.  What kind of involvement in environmental education or curriculum/educational projects and professional development have you completed/been involved in?
  • c.  Provide a brief narrative describing why you would like to participate, what you hope to accomplish, and how you feel that you can contribute?

Please call 1-888-348-7765 with questions.  


  • 1. Complete application submitted before the deadline.
  • 2. Quality of essay.
  • 3. Credentialed or pre-service teacher.
  • 4. Team application encouraged but not required. Share the experience with a colleague! Each team member must apply.
  • 5. Participation in other curriculum or professional development programs.

In the case of equally qualified applicants, preference will be given to the candidate with the earliest application date.


What is the "Price" and the "Fee"?

Answer: The cost to apply to FIT is $25. The "Fee" is what the Northern California Society of Amerian Foresters pays to Eventbrite for the web-based application fee processing. The Northern California Society of American Foresters keeps the $22.63 which is used to support the FIT program.

It was necessary to include an application fee to discourage people from applying and then not participating. Even with the $25 application fee about 35% of applicants don't participate.

Upcoming Institutes


Plumas County

June 16-22

Tuolumne County

June 23-29

Shasta County

July 7-13

Humboldt County

July 14-20